Large Format Flipchart Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines

1. Design to size. If your chart will be printed at 27″ x 34″ set up your page to that size. You will get a better idea of what your chart will look like when printed.

2. Use large, high-quality graphics. The best graphic formats for use in flip charts and other large format graphics are TIF, PNG or JPG. GIF files and files designed for use on the internet are generally too small and of low quality (dpi).

3. Margins. Keep vital text or critical graphics at least 1.5″-2″ from the top of every page. This leaves room at the top for the binding strip and won’t crowd your content as pages are flipped over the top. Leave at least 1/4″ margin on the other three sizes.

4. Name and number your pages. Using a reasonably small print font, insert the page title and number in the lower right hand corner of every page.

5. Emphasize WHITE SPACE for impact. Avoid page backgrounds and a lot of detail, these make your charts hard to read at any distance.

6. Fonts. Use large, easy to read fonts. A general rule for flip charts is to keep fonts 2″ or larger for the best visibility.

7. Use bullets and numbering to separate thoughts or lines of text.

8. Color. Use two or three primary colors throughout your presentation. Too many color combinations detract from a professional presentation.

9. Use handouts to provide details. Distribute detail page by page as you go through your presentation or as an after presentation handout. This keeps your audience focused on what you’re saying.

What software should I use?

We recommend Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office Impress unless you are a skilled graphic designer and can send us a sequential, print-ready PDF file. If you are ordering pads of forms, Microsoft Excel is usable since it will print larger than 11″ x17″. We cannot use Microsoft Word files or other office or home graphics software that cannot set up a page over 11″ x 17″.

What format should I use to submit my artwork?

The pdf file format is the best format for submitting artwork. We only resize artwork to fit the printed page, we do not make any changes to content. If you need to make any changes to your artwork, they will need to be completed by you in the original program used to design your artwork. Customers are responsible for proofing all copy for accuracy. We do not proofread your artwork.

Do you provide proofs?

We will provide an electronic print proof if we have to resize your artwork. We do not provide printed, hard-copy proofs. Proofs are provided only after an order has been finalized and paid.